Girl’s Education

Every Girl Deserves a Chance to Learn: It is a fact that girls who are not in school face a high risk for human trafficking, exploitative child labor, and early marriage. We believe education can prevent these injustices.

Consequently, Moonlight Foundation is sensitive to gender inequality.  Accordingly, a special focus to educate female children is paramount to our vision.  Thus, approximately 65% of students are girls at Moonlight School.

Sadly, Nepalese parents tend to invest more money in the education of boys. As a result, 66% of men can read and write, while only 43% of females can. In rural areas, more than 70% of girls have dropped out of school by age 16. And 2 in 5 girls are married by age 14. 41% of Nepali women between ages 20 and 24 are married before the age of 18. Child marriage is most prevalent among less educated, poor women. Improving female education may improve the childhood marriage rate.

We understand the importance of education for female children. We do whatever it takes to ensure every last child has a chance to grow up healthy, educated, and safe – her best chance for a bright future.  A girl’s education changes everything. An educated girl is more likely to grow up healthy, safe, and empowered to determine the course of her life and future.

Education also helps in empowering women. certain old customs like not remarrying widows, child marriage, dowry system can be demolished with the power of education. Women, if educated, can raise voice against the injustice done to her. This will bring a lot of development in society as well as in the nation. In short, Right to Freedom of speech & expression can be used in the right way if all women will become educated.

For these reasons, we are proud that 65% of students at Moonlight School are girls.

Girl’s Education