Moonlight Foundation Nepal’s education programs ensure that children in neglected regions and underresourced schools have access to high-quality educational opportunities and gain critical life skills alongside 21st-century knowledge to prepare them for success in today’s globalized world.

Our project is very simple: to help provide a quality education for underprivileged children that helps them shape a better world and build a more sustainable future, self-dependence, success, and a happy life. In fact, part of our dream is that by helping a great number of children, these children will one day, in turn; start to help other children in similar situations.

Most of the children at the Moonlight School come from the streets or from orphanages, they have never been educated and their parents and relatives are illiterate. If there wasn’t a Moonlight School or the kind support of sponsors, most of the children would be living in the streets or in slums, many becoming addicted to glue, smoke, or suffer health problems such as malnourishment.

Education is the most important ingredient to change the world. Due to lack of education, many illiterate people suffer the hardships of discrimination, untouchability & injustices prevailing in the society but with the advancement of a good education. If all the people will be educated; this ultimately leads to the upliftment of economically weaker sections of society.

Thus, the Moonlight Foundation Nepal is forever dedicated to making children’s lives meaningful with the help of education.